Employee Roles



  • Possess drive and determination to accel from this entry level position.

  • Possess mechanical, and industrial capabilities, equipment operator and / or CDL skills.


  • Possess leadership qualities with strong interpersonal and superior communication skills.

  • Focused on job profitability, quality and customer service.


  • These are the current and future leaders of our organization.

  • They possess proper interpersonal, leadership, and mechanical skills.

  • Extremely client focused.


  • These employees are self starters and can build relationships with our existing client base, while developing new contacts for our company.

  • These employees are knowledgeable about our services and products.

  • Advanced software skills.


  • We always welcome students willing to learn more about our business.

  • We offer on the job training within our guardrail and fence divisions.

  • Mechanical, industrial, and welding are the best trade backgrounds for what we do.

Applicants, please email your resume to Kristin Lady kristin.lady@sehighway.com

We welcome anyone with these skill sets to call us - we are interested and hiring!

We work hard to identify, recruit and nurture talent to find the best person for each job. Although our business is measured in million of dollars, we select each employee one at a time. As a service business, without the best people we cannot be the best organization.

Opportunities to excel your career within Southeast Highway are very important and the key to our success. Advancement and potential are merit driven. Employees who demonstrate leadership and ownership qualities are the ones who succeed best at our company. We seek to attract the best people from all walks of life... it is what makes us who we are. 

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